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Cheap home cinema systems reviewed

Cheap home cinema systems reviewed

When it comes to finding a cheap home cinema system you need to be concerned about which wireless speakers are truly capable of delivering home theater sound and quality. We reviewed different home theater systems from various brands in the low price range and these were the best one which we can recommend:

Sony BDV E2100 Home Cinema System

Hold on to your seat because Sony have now released room filling 5.1 surround sound for its new cinema system. At a cheap price the Sony cinema system includes 2x front speakers, 2x rear speakers, center speaker, sub woofer and a main player with remote control.

For true surround sound experience at home the Sony BDV wireless Bluetooth technology means you can stream audio alongside full HD movies.

At just a fraction of the price other big brands are charging this low budget cinema system from Sony is a great alternative to consider. Enjoy movies and music at home with rich surround sound experience from a name you can trust.

Sony BDV E4100 Home Cinema System with Tall Speakers

A little bit more expensive than the E2100 model this uprated version includes 2x tall speakers, 2x satellite speakers, front speaker, sub woofer and a main unit with remote control. Cool, minimalist look – Inspired by the flawless, gleaming facets of rock crystal.

The additional 2x tall speakers included with the E4100 home cinema system means you can enjoy dynamic surround sound just like when you’re out at the theater.

Whether you’re watching TV or playing games the audio output you will hear back is both powerful and precise. This is an outstanding cheap home cinema system that will transform your home entertainment without having to spend thousands of pounds on high-end models. Sony are well known for their quality products and this is no exception.

Phillips Zenit Cinema Surround Sound Wireless Speakers

Embrace simplicity with the Phillips Zenit cinema surround sound experience. This beautifully designed cinema system is ergonomically designed featuring modern authentic materials.

The complete system includes 1x center unit, 4x satellite speakers, 1x wireless and a subwoofer for true 5:1 surround sound.

The main speakers and satellite speakers provide exceptional audio quality.

The sub woofer delivers deep powerful bass with an enhanced reflector for rotating sound in all directions. HDMI 4K2K pass-through for ultra HD content enjoyment. Phillips cheap home cinema surround sound system will convert your living room into a cinematic experience that you will never forget.