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Best wireless speakers under £100

Best wireless speakers under £100

Okay so you won’t find the Sonos PlayBar or SoundTouch speakers in this list under £100 but what you will find is some cheaper alternatives if you are on a tight budget. All these portable wireless Bluetooth speakers we tested below cost less than just £100 at the time of writing, that’s a real bargain! While some of the best budget wireless speakers from big names like Sony came up trumps, some of the underdogs were also capable of delivering impressive sound quality, coverage and playtime.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

We found the Bose SoundLink to be one of the best wireless speakers under 100. At the time of review this Bluetooth speaker came in budget and delivered exceptional sound quality at a rock bottom price.

This compact speaker is truly capable of delivering deep rich bass and it’s easy to connect over Bluetooth technology using any smartphone or tablet device. The speaker can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, letting you switch between them quickly. The sleek design looks modern and this Bluetooth speaker is completely portable and will work outdoors. With the Bose SoundLink you can expect to enjoy up to 8 hours playtime. Speaker includes rechargeable lithium-ion battery. If you want the best bang for your buck this wireless speaker will certainly not disappoint.

Sony SRS-XB2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Call your buddies because it’s time to take the party wherever and whenever with the Sony portable Bluetooth speaker, which was under 100 at the time of review.

Sony SRS wireless speaker is a cheap alternative to higher-end models that is still perfectly capable of delivering powerful sound with deep base technology. Using Sony digital signal processor, Extra Bass enhances deep, punchy bass sounds.

With 12 hours playtime you can stream music all day without having to worry about battery life. The water resistant design means this cheap wireless speaker is also suitable for outdoor activities which gives you extra piece of mind. Sony SRS wireless speaker will sound great wherever you position it.

EA ROLL 2 Bluetooth Speaker with Floatie

It’s super big and stretchy and it’s made from attached marine-grade material so you can take the wireless speaker with you wherever you go. Quickly strap onto the handle bars of your bike and listen to music while you ride, or hang it in the shower and sing along! Rated 5 stars by WhatHifi review the EA Roll 2 is lighter than a can of fizzy Cola which makes it convenient for carrying with you on trips.

Perfect for outdoor use the EA Roll 2 is completely waterproof and can be submerged fully under water. This speaker is light and easily portable for any occasion. Expect up to 100 feet range and 9 hours battery time, which isn’t bad for the price at all! Box includes Micro USB cable, Floatie and EA Roll 2 unit. Connection through Bluetooth or NFC is a breeze. This is an excellent wireless speaker for under £100.

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker with BaseUp Technology

The Premium Bluetooth Speaker with Adjustable Bass.

Stream all your music wirelessly with enhanced audio and bass using Anker BaseUp technology.  Capable of producing room filling sounds the Bluetooth speaker is great for parties. This premium speaker under £100 is portable and IPX5 water proof so suitable for on the move or at home. In the lower price range this wireless Bluetooth speaker exceeds expectations with 10 hours playtime which is roughly up to 210 tracks back to back.

The Anker SoundCore technology boasts dual drivers and twin sub woofers so expect high-fidelity audio and superior sound. It’s not just designed for playing music either, the in-built microphone turns the Boost into a hands-free speakerphone! Box includes Micro USB charging cable, wireless speaker unit and 18 months warranty.

Pictek Wireless Portable Speaker

Never under estimate the underdog. This bestselling speaker is a highly rated 5 star product and the online reviews speak for themselves. Pictek wireless Bluetooth speaker really is cheap and packs an incredible 30 hours of playtime with amazing sound quality as well.

With built-in microphone, you can answer mobile phone calls wirelessly by pressing the button on the speaker. The Pictek speaker is portable and has an IPX4 water proof rating.

While you can’t quite compare it to the same level of quality as the Sony or Bose models above, this budget speaker is one of the best in its price range and comes highly recommended. Box includes speaker with belt clip for carrying, USB cable and a user manual.