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Best wireless earbuds for working out

Best wireless earbuds for working out

Everyone loves working out and exercising while listening to music for that extra adrenaline boost. If you want to go running or hit the gym but are fed up of those traditional wired earphones moving out of place, getting tangled up, falling out your ears and even disconnecting from the MP3 player completely. I used to find myself in this situation where I would have to stop my workout and reconnect the wired earphone cable properly so that I could continue listing to my loud thumping bass to push past those final reps.

With Bluetooth technology now integrated into earbuds as well you can listen to music while doing sport and exercising without those annoying wires. All you need is an MP3 player capable of transmitting over Bluetooth and a compatible Bluetooth wireless earbud to stream the music to. When it comes to selecting the best wireless earbuds for working out we have reviewed the most popular choices in order of cost below:

Apple AirPods In-Ear Bluetooth

If you can afford it then the Apple AirPods provide the best quality audio and look great when fitted nice and snug into your ear. The Apple wireless headphones use a simple one time setup which means you can get started streaming music by the tap of a button. As you would expect Apple haven’t held back with these earbuds and they can even sense when you remove them from your ears and pause automatically.

Other features include AAC audio dual beam mics and filtered out background noise when you make calls. The signal is very strong and provides a consistent streaming experience without any interruption. With these Bluetooth earphones you get 5 hours of play time or 24 hours with the special case and charger. This is a must have accessory. Don’t leave home without them!

The AirPods are sturdy and all stay well positioned in your ear, making these wireless earbuds the ultimate choice for working out.

SAVFY Mini Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Designed specifically for sport the SAVFY true wireless Bluetooth headphones have a revolutionary portable charging system so you never have to worry about running out of power again. Long battery life means you can leave the house with up to 3 hours playtime with the ability to recharge up to 13 times for a total of 29 hours talk time. Standby time is up to 120 hours. The mini Bluetooth 4.1 advanced audio technology enables wireless transmission to your smart phone device.

Water safe technology ensures the earbuds are both water resistant and sweatproof. These wireless sports earbuds are perfect for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking and exercising at the gym. Bluetooth range has distance of up to 25 feet and one headset works for incoming calls meaning you can still listen to music at the same time. Includes Bluetooth headphones, usb charger, charging case, 2x ear tips and user manual.

NOVA True Wireless Earbuds

Small wireless earphones that fit securely and discreetly in your ear. 1 button wireless control means easy setup with Bluetooth 4.1 offering a distance up to 33 feet. The NOVA true wireless earbuds provide 3 hours continuous play time and 60 hours with the extra power case.

Ideal for listening to music when doing sports and daily activities. These earbuds have been built from high quality materials and offer premium audio technology without the wires.

These are decent headphones for the price and pack includes an extra set of earplugs to help make it snug inside your ear. Quick to setup and easy to pair right out the box.

Stylish and well fitted the NOVA true wireless earphones are the perfect choice for hitting that workout.

VAVA True Wireless Earbuds

It’s time to ditch those old wires and go wireless with true wireless earbuds by VAVA. These cool futuristic earbuds give you complete control with crisp audio and a build in microphone. Enjoy up to 12 hours of streaming audio with the extended charging box or up to 3 hours or playback without this charger accessory.

VAVA true wireless earbuds are great for working out and stay well positioned within the ear when active. Headphones are very small and discreet and can be used by more than one person if sharing. The complete kit includes wireless earbuds, 2 different size earbud fittings, a charging case, charging cable and a user guide. Packs crystal clear sound with Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

Overall the VAVA wireless earbuds are easy to use and produce fantastic sound quality. The price is also very competitive compared to Apple alternatives.

FLAGPOWER True Wireless Earbuds

Fast pairing with Bluetooth 4.2 compatible devices the FLAGPOWER true wireless earbuds are easy to use and stylish headphones designed to fit your ears. Perfect for streaming audio and listing to your favourite music working out or doing any outdoor activities where you need to be in full control.

These earbuds have built in rechargeable batteries that offer a continuous playback time of just 3 hours with a 12 hour call duration. However the battery does recharge very quickly in just 1 hour. For the price this is an excellent pair of wireless earphones with decent sound quality. The earphones are soft and comfortable to wear with good noise cancellation. FLAGPOWER earbuds package contains wireless earphones, usb charger, powerbox, 3 pairs of ear caps and user manual.

If you know of any wireless earbuds not listed above, that are suitable for working out then please feel free to share them in the comments below.